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Twilight Candles are top notch quality, they burn perfectly, last a long time, create a healthy vibe, I like that they are hand made, I've been using them for years. (Danny K.)


I ordered Twilight Candles and Wax Melts for myself and also as gifts. All of their scents are wonderful but my favorites by far are Witch's Brew and Full Moon. Both are patchouli mixtures and are long lasting - filling my home with a very pleasant and long lasting but not overpowering scent. Joanne is a wonderful communicator and you can't beat the local delivery she offers. Definitely my shop for scent!!  (Rexanne R.)


Lots of lovely and unique scents to choose from! Garden Mint is especially refreshing, love it for a clean but not overpowering effect. I look forward to trying more scents!  (Melissa O.)


Absolutely love the Twilight Soy lip balm. Got me through a miserable winter and now that I'm on vacation and baking on the beach it's the perfect product to re-hydrate parched lips. I'm partial to the Lavender myself, but willing to try any scent because this product works. An A+ for this one Joanne and Paul.  (David S.)


I have ordered from Twilight Candles twice already. I absolutely love their candles. The fragrances are clean smelling and so many people have asked me where I purchased the candles. The candles were shipped and received in record time. I will always purchase my candles from this place.  (Victoria S.)


I so enjoyed burning the candles you sent me. The scent was just a light perfume and not overpowering and they seem to burn forever. Twilight is All Right!  (David S.)


These are the best candles we've ever used.  (Janet & Joe H.)


Great candles! They are subtly and pleasantly scented, and the crafty decorative touches on the containers make each piece one-of-a-kind. I wanted a scent that was not yet in stock, and the owner made sure I got what I requested within a day or two.  (Michelle B.)


A Beautiful Gift – I've had nothing but great experiences with Twilight Candle Shop. I have a number of sizes, colors, and scents of their candles, and each of them fills my home with long lasting light and scent. One of the best features of these candles is that they are fully customizable. I ordered a whole batch as party favors and was able to get them in the shape, color, and scent that I wanted to match the theme - the guests loved them as much as I did!  (Cara G.)


I have ordered Twilight Candles on several occasions for myself and others for gifts.. My friends and I love them, as they have a very diverse line of aromas to suit anyone's "taste". The pottery is also very unique. You can also rely on TCS for prompt delivery, as I have ordered from Florida to California, and had no problems! I have one burning on my desk as we speak.  (Larry T.)


Not overly strong to the point you walk by and say "where is that good smell coming from"? Just what I wanted. Amberglow is a nice addition to my normal favorites. And of course, Apple, my forever scent. Thanks Joanne and Paul for always getting it right!  (Jane W.)


The most aromatic and long burning candles I have ever bought. Kudos to Joanne and Paul for making the rich scent that I had requested. I am an apple lover and these fit the bill. So yummy smelling you might almost try to eat them.  (Jane W.)


 Been using these premium soy candles for several years and love everything about them. They all have gorgeous scents and my favorite is Witches Brew, perfect all year round but best in the autumn.  (Carol W.)


I cannot imagine a fall without a Witch's Brew soy candle. I have enjoyed them for four years now. I burn them for weeks from September through November. The entire house smells great! And the smell lasts down to the last of the candle!  (Jeff B.)


This (kit) was purchased as a gift for my partner. He absolutely loved it! The first candle has smelled amazing and he had the best time making it. Instructions were clear and we had everything we needed. (L.)


Excellent product! Everything a beginner needs to make candles!  (D.)






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