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Favorite Candle Scents for Spring and Summer

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Now that March is behind us, and each day feels a little more like spring, the types of candles we tend to make changes.  We lean more toward the scents of flowers and fruits rather than rich holiday scents.  We also stock some tempting fresh scents that will make your home feel like a sunny spring day, and others to add an exotic touch to your evening candlelight.  If I had to choose my 12 favorite scents for this time of year, this would be the list:

Almond - Apple - Cotton - Hyacinth - Lavender - Lemon - Mango&Papaya - Peach - Pear - Rose - Sage&Citrus - Sandalwood.

Whew!  That was hard to pick!  For our complete list of nearly 70 scents, along with more information about the make-up of the fragrances, visit this page: 


Thanks, and Happy Spring!

Custom Orders, You Bet!

When we say we pour custom orders, we really mean business!  Here is a pic of our latest truly custom order:  a candle made out of a Spam container.  You think we jest?  They turned out quite cute.  We poured them with our Maple Bacon scent, a big favorite!  Let us know what kind of [...]

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Requests for Scents at the Festival

At the Apple Butter Festival in Berkeley Springs, WV, we received two requests at our tent for specific scents.  Well, we have them now!  Check out our list of Custom Scents, and you will now find BASIL there.  We had Citrus Basil before, but this is simply BASIL.  Our other new scent is PEAR.  Not [...]

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Candle Care Tips from Twilight Candle Shop. How to get the best results from your soy candles.

Candle Care Tips from Twilight Candle Shop Customer was finished with this candle.So I took it home for some TLC. I trimmed the wick with a wick trimmer. I wiped off the bit of soot from the glass rim. I lit the candle. The candle burned for 6 more hours.

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Shipping changes

We are trying again the shipping policy we started out with in 2009 when we first opened Twilight Candle Shop.  Flat rate shipping.  Now you will see a flat $12 shipping charge on any size order in the USA.  We hope this will encourage our customers to feel free to order whatever they really want [...]

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Winter Skin Woes

I would like to direct all our customers to our page of Body Care Products this winter!  We have three different products that will soothe and moisturize all of your skin, not just a little hand lotion here and there, ALL of your skin.  Choose which fits best with your lifestyle:Soy Lotion Candle (all natural [...]

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Welcome to the New Store on Bigcommerce

Greetings to both our old and new customers:We have made a big change by moving our entire (virtual) store from our former Yahoo location to BigCommerce.  Now the future success of Twilight Candle Shop is in your hands and in the hands of the technical gurus at BigCommerce.  We loved our old site, and we [...]

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